The Spa combines the finest of longevity medicine and shamanic energy healing

We are energy beings, and at Los Lobos we have mastered the art of upgrading the human energy field to create exceptional health.


You can enjoy massage, shamanic soul retrieval, ozone therapy, IHHT (altitude training,) fire ceremonies, IV nutrients, and natural detoxifiers.

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A 7 day menu to repair your body and revitalize your brain through optimal nutrition, detoxification, and Hypoxia longevity treatments. Includes the Brain Bar neuro-nutrients & supplements, yoga, detox-cleanse probiotics, and daily check-ins with staff. Available only to students and extended stay guests. Cost: $550


THE IV BAR - Our IV drips can increase your immune resilience, help you to recover from jet-lag, overcome cold and flu symptoms, remove heavy metals and toxins from the brain and nervous system, and detoxify the liver. All IV products come from Germany and the USA

You  explore shamanic energy medicine

Practices that help you to let go of the emotional dramas that run in your family and discover a more original and creative life story. As you release the imprints for disease and clear the drama and trauma  stored in the luminous energy field, the body and emotions begin to repair.   


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At around the age of 35, vital repair and regeneration systems in the body begin to decline. We have therapies for switching on the antioxidant systems that repair mitochondria, the “power plants” in the cells.


We know that you can grow a new body, because you did. The instructions are in password protected regions in your DNA, and in your luminous energy field.


With daily hikes and immersion in nature, , your brain fog will clear, sleeping becomes sounder, skin tone improves, and energy levels increase.

We invite renowned healers, functional medicine doctors, body therapists, and shamans from the US, Europe, and Peru, to be in residence at Los Lobos. The finest practitioners are available, together with yoga, oxygen altitude-training sessions, LED therapy and IV drips, to trigger the regeneration process.  

 Transforming toxic emotions

Many of today’s health problems are caused by unhealed emotions and an overactive fight-or-flight system.


Our daily practices are geared towards breaking the adrenalin addiction, boosting the production of bliss molecules, encouraging creative dreaming, and having an experience of the sacred.

Repair the gut, upgrade the brain, detox the body, and awaken the latent power of your energy field.