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A Health Spa and Lodge open to guests who share a passion for health and for the sacred.​

Grow a New Body

You grow a new body every seven years. 

Renew and regenerate at our Shamanic Energy Medicine Spa 

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Medicine of the Soul


With Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos and the Four Winds Staff.

Our 300-hour residential program is internationally recognized as the Gold Standard in shamanic energy medicine. This is the full 28-day course. 

Join an international group of students for deep immersion in the shamanic healing practices. Andean shamans are with us for the training and ceremonies. 

Our mission is to train wise and ethical Energy Medicine Practitioners and give you the tools to launch a meaningful new career doing what you love.

Discover the anatomy of the human energy field. Learn to clear the imprints of trauma, and download the codes for the new human that is appearing in the Earth today.

You learn to create sacred ceremony and rites of passage, and identify the presence of foreign energies in the field. You will master the art of soul retrieval and learn to help a loved one recover their purpose and destiny.


You can apply the teachings in your existing wellness practice or launch a new career as a Health Coach .

November 1 - 28, 2022


+1 435 647 5988 or 786-716-8147


Renew, Refresh, Restore, Regenerate!

With Dr. Alberto Villoldo


Are you feeling the need for a reset, want to shed unwanted pounds, and come to a new level of energy and wellbeing?


In just 10 days you will take the steps to exceptional health so your healthspan can equal your lifespan!​Detoxifying nutraceuticals clear away the brain fog, bring you increased clarity and energy, and protect your brain.

10 days of bliss...Specially probiotics and tonics prepared in our Earth-lab repair the gut, silence the genes that create disease, and switch on the longevity genes. IV Infusions at the clinic detoxify the body and brain and trigger tissue regeneration. Longevity medicine and modern science meet here!

Includes 22 spa treatments, IV infusions and shaman sessions.  Cost: $8,000 + lodging. Limited to 12 persons.

January 3-10                              January 16-23



+1 435 647 5988 & 786-716-8147


“I had the opportunity to experience the Grow a New Body Program in Chile. The most important aspect  is working on the relationship with one’s own Spirit…Give yourself the gift of a new body and a new life”.

“Alberto Villoldo’s ‘One Spirit Medicine’ is the new manifesto for body and soul… There is no better to guide us on our journey toward living a light-filled, vibrant life”.

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Christiane Northrup, MD

New York Time's bestselling author of Goddesses Never Age and Dodging Energy Vampires.

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Mark Hyman, M.D.

New York Time’s bestselling author, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet and director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine.