Los Lobos is a wisdom village - free spirits who love nature, shamanic ceremony, meditation, and organic cuisine

Every January-February we meet for exclusive programs and shamanic practice.


Village members hail from Sweden, USA, Bahamas, Finland, Germany, and other countries. A few reside at Los Lobos full time, others arrive for the summer warmth, and the shamanic meditations.


We have a few lots with mountain views and two completed 2-bedroom homes available for sale. Our architect is on permanent staff at Los Lobos. She can help you design and supervise the construction of an exquisite cottage or grand home. When you are away Los Lobos can rent your property to our students and guests.


As a village member you have access to Los Lobos Spa and longevity center, the organic restaurant,  tennis, and the gardens.


Chile has world-class medical care and communications, a Mediterranean climate, the same as California. 


If you would like to consider joining our wisdom village and building a summer home, we would be happy to explore the possibilities with you.

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Nature loves free spirits